B is for Bouncing Boy

And we’re back!

Wanna be a baller/ shot caller/ twenty inch blades on the impala/...

This tagline is only the first in a series of increasingly terrible puns. Brace yourselves.

I think I started the series too quickly with Arm-Fall-Off Boy- unlike the “retro” idea behind the first series, I didn’t have a good “hook” for each entry. After letting the ideas bake for a while, though, the concept that grabbed me can be summed up like this; “What if the Legion, in addition to being super-heroes, were also amateur filmmakers who sweded movies from the 20th Century?” So, from here through the end of the series, each entry will be in the form of a movie poster. While I am locked onto a few ideas, I am taking suggestions for the Legionnaire/movie matchup, so feel free to go nuts in the comments.

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