A is for Adam Strange

So, I’m gonna try to establish a regular posting schedule on this blog.

Mondays will be the day I post images from the Comic Book Alphabet. I’ll be doing a series of 26, obviously, and I’ll try to focus on more obscure or C-list characters. (because there are plenty of pictures of Batman and Spider-Man on the Internet already, know what I mean?) With that in mind, here’s the first of the series:Adam Strange.

Adam was makin' out with space babes before Shatner made it cool.

Adam was makin' out with space babes before Shatner made it cool.

Who’s next in the series? Well, B is already in progress, but C-Z are wide open. U-DECIDE!! Just leave your suggestions in the comments.

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  1. Yay Adam Strange!

    Followed you over from the drawing board – good site you’ve got!

    I would love to see your take on Deadman when you get to D’s!

  2. I followed you to here as well from there! ;P

    Love your stuff man. And who designed your website? I’m re-doing mine and like some of your thangs.

    Let me know.

    Oh yeah, and I’ll second that Captain Underpants vote.

  3. Scott, thanks! I’m glad you like my art.

    I did some of the design for the blog (The header illustration and the color scheme, mainly) but the real bulk of the work was done by Manifest Creative, a Bozeman-based creative service. here’s their website: http://www.manifestbozeman.com
    I thoroughly recommend them!

  4. Can I cast my vote for Elektra? She’s super hot and has Sai. Win?

    I’m going to second that the design of the blog is really nice- you get to see a lot of content on the first page, and your header illustration is a nice take.

  5. For “F’ I propose Firebrand (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firebrand_(DC_Comics)) either the original, see-through shirt wearer or his sister that received her powers from mystical lava.

    Or, alternatively, a group called “Freedom Fighters” led by DC’s Uncle Sam. The original Ray and Silk Spectre were part of the first team.

  6. Did I say Silk Spectre? I meant Phantom Lady. I guess I still have Sally Jupiter on the brain.

  7. Craig, I figured that’s who you meant. Phantom Lady was the character Alan Moore based Silk Spectre on, right? Wasn’t she one of the Charlton Comics characters?

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