C is for Captain Carrot

That’s right! It’s Captain Carrot, leader of the famed Zoo Crew!

In all his buck-toothed glory!

In all his buck-toothed glory!

I’ve been itching to draw him for a long time now, though this entry was a toss-up between the two Captains– Captain Carrot and Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants. I couldn’t translate Cap’n U to my style without making him incredibly creepy… but maybe I’ll post those sketches another time.

Just FYI, I’m still taking suggestions for the rest of the lineup!

Also, big ups to my man Jason Lewis for hooking me up with the old-school Marvel palette used by colorists in the pre-digital days. Thanks!

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  1. Sweet! Did you apply tint screens or Graphix paper to his cape(and skin…)?Because it looks like some kind of texture…

  2. Well, the whole series has had that pattern on it, though it’s a little different here. It’s a series of Photoshop actions to mimic the look of the old-school printing process, which used dot patterns to mix various percentages of C, M, and Y on paper. Zipatone (or Graphix paper) did the same thing for the K values. So in this image, the yellow of his bodysuit is solid because it would be printed as 100% yellow, while all the other colors are mixed percentages of all three colors.

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