1. Another fan of the Legion picked this up and displayed it on Facebook (the page for “Legion World”). I was delighted to see it, having been a fan of both Dawnstar (my favorite Legionnaire) and this movie (among my top ten of all time) for over 30 years!

    Very cute, very goofy, very funny, and you just don’t know how much it pleases me to see her described as “the galaxy’s sweetheart”! You draw Gary Frank’s redesign of her and Drake’s outfits almost better than he does — and certainly with more visual wit.

    Thanks, and I’ll be visiting again.

    ~ Steve (Greybird), Los Angeles

  2. Thanks for creating this! A delightful combination of one of my favorite movies and, by far, my favorite comics character — not everyone in the Legion stories sees her as “the galaxy’s sweetheart,” but I certainly do. You also perfectly evoke the film’s original one-sheet poster.

    [27 June 2011 … left a comment a few months back, but apparently didn’t take]

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