G is for Guardian, Gladiator and Gorilla Grodd

Yeah, it’s Wednesday, and this is supposed to be an every-Monday series. But I hope you’ll agree that this one was worth the wait.

The gallant Guardian and the glorious Gladiator ganging up on a grouchy Gorilla Grodd!

Go, guys! Go!

Go, guys! Go!

I took my time with this one, since I’m avoiding real work. My twin goals with this series are to become consistently speedy, and improve my anatomy and proportion. These goals are often at odds with each other, though. This time I went with the second goal, and I think it paid off.

Now, who should I do for “H”?

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  1. Great work, man! Like the way you did the black shading on the creases and joints of the characters…very old school! Like it!

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