I is for Iron Fist

I was gonna do DC’s JLA member Ice, but then I remembered that she’s really, really boring.

So I looked around a bit. There aren’t very many cool female characters whose name start with “I”. Irma Geddon from Top 10 was the only good choice until I remembered this chick.

Yeah, she's pretty awesome. All three pages of her.

Everybody was hm-hmm hmm-hmm! Those cats were hm-hm-hmm-hmm...

That’s right! It’s Wu Ao-Shi, the Iron Fist of 1545 AD! Also known as The Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay. Thanks, Matt Fraction, for making an awesome character whose title starts with “I”.

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  1. Thanks! Glad you like the site. I checked out your blog- I really dig your stuff, and I’ll be keeping an eye on your Supers series. And you work for Pixar! My dream job.

  2. I don’t know I go on holiday for a week and you burst into life post-SDCC (hope it went well)

    And hey Ice isn’t that boring…well when Adam Hughes draws her anyway ; )

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