N is for Namora

I had no idea what I was going to do for N.
The I read Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk’s Marvel Comics miniseries, Agents Of Atlas. Namora is, as it turns out, an awesome character. (Apparently hanging out with a kung fu superspy, a Greek goddess, a talking gorilla, a Uranian spaceman and an indestructible robot rubs off on you after a while.) So yeah, Namora:

I only wish "JImmy Woo" started with N

I only wish "Jimmy Woo" started with N

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  1. Believe it or not, when she debuted back in the late 1940s, Namora had wings on her ankles (just like the star of the book, her cousin Namor). I have NO IDEA why they’re there. At least Leonard Kirk, when he updated her look, gave her flying fish-like fins. But still… oh, comics.
    Ooh, I could.
    But I REALLY want to draw Wonderella

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