P is for Paste Pot Pete

Paste Pot Pete. Wow. Not exactly Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s most inspired creation.

Even within the comics, PPP wasn’t a villain of any merit at all. He eventually changed his name to the Trapster, in fact, but he’s still a pretty low-rent supervillain. I guess they can’t all be winners.

But he’s certainly a lot of fun to draw! I enjoyed this entry a lot more than I had any reason to.

The P is also for pathetic

The P is also for pathetic

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. It’s been five weeks since my last Comics Alphabet entry, so I’m going to catch up by posting one entry each day of this week until Friday. That will get me into the home stretch!

I’m considering what the next regular art feature on this blog should be. I’m thinking about another A to Z series, maybe involving the Legion of Superheroes. Are there Legionnaires for each letter of the alphabet? Anybody? Sims?

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  1. Are there Legionnaires for each letter of the alphabet?

    You could probably do it if you included secret identities and walk-on characters and stuff.

  2. Is that really his costume? The only costume I’ve ever seen him in is that retarded spaceman outfit.

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