Sweet Pea 2009

This weekend, August 7-9, Bozeman celebrates its big annual arts event, the Sweet Pea Festival. Bands from all over, including some big names, perform while local artists and craftspeople sell handmade goods. Parades, races, theatre performances- it’s all going on this weekend.

This year, I had the chance to design the shirt sold every year to raise funds for the event, and with the festival fast approaching, I wanted to show off the art I did.

So here we go. The Sweet Pea shirts:



Chest, same as men's back but smaller

Chest, same as men's back but smaller

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  1. As usual, Steve-O is leaving it to his big brother to toot his horn for him! 🙂 What he’s failed to mention is that this is no mere contracted design, rather, he won the annual Sweet Pea t-shirt design competition.

    Steve, I think that this is a really strong design. Couldn’t be prouder to see your artwork strolling around the burgeoning metropolis of Bozeman! Love your choice of typeface, and the multitude of colors work really well together.

    Where can I buy one?

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