V is for Volstagg

Full title: Volstagg The Voluminous, the Lion of Asgard!

(I assume the exclamation point is mandatory, but I can’t say for sure.)

Volstagg: Making morbid obesity cool since 1965

Volstagg: Making morbid obesity awesome since 1965!

Volstagg is a character from Marvel’s Thor series, and is a member of the Warriors Three, Thor’s drinking/fighting buddies. He is known for being (a) awesome, (b) fat, and (c) totally rad.

Stay tuned for more updates this week! I’ve got the finished series ready to go, and I’ll be posting an entry each day this week.

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  1. after seeing him in the book of eli last night i’m really excited to see ray stevenson bring this guy to life in the thor movie in 2011…

  2. Oh! Is THAT who the lead henchman guy was? I knew I’d seen him somewhere before. Cool. Yeah, I’ve got high hopes for the Thor movie. Hopefully it’s going to be as awesome as Iron Man.

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