Z is for Zorro

Well folks, we’ve reached the end of the series. Z is for Zorro!

Most historians credit Zorro's signature "Z" marking to be responsible for the rise in graffiti crime in early 19th-century California

It took significantly longer than 26 weeks, but here we are. I’m a little bit more experienced, you’re a little bit more aware of the absurdity of many comic book characters- I’d say we both came out ahead.

I’ll be starting the next series, The Legion of Superheroes: from A to Z in February. Keep your eyes peeled, and have a great weekend!

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  2. Zorro? Hey, I’ve heard of him before! Very cool, though.

    Well, that was one great series. My favorites were definitely the triple plays. Kilowog is sweet, too.

    Hmm, I think the readers learned a lot as well as you did! I personally haven’t heard of a great butt load of the ones you drew. It was an educational experience. Looking forward to the next series!


  3. Matt, you rock. I was just finalizing the roster for this series, and Grimbor is WAY cooler than Gear, who I was going to use. Awesome.

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