Wednesday Wayne

May 19, 2010

Ever since I read Grant Morrison and Chris Sprouse’s Return of Bruce Wayne #1 last week, I’ve been jonesing to draw Batman. Like I really needed an excuse to draw my favorite comic book character. Seriously, I’ve loved Batman since I can remember liking things. It didn’t hurt that I had the completely awesome ’90s […]

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B is for Bouncing Boy

May 17, 2010

And we’re back! I think I started the series too quickly with Arm-Fall-Off Boy- unlike the “retro” idea behind the first series, I didn’t have a good “hook” for each entry. After letting the ideas bake for a while, though, the concept that grabbed me can be summed up like this; “What if the Legion, […]

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Hey Everyone!

May 13, 2010

Know what day it is? It’s Thursday. You do the math. And speaking of days of the week, Legion of Super-heroes alphabet series returns Monday!

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Mirror Master

April 20, 2010

Because I realised this morning that I’ve fallen in love with the Flash’s Rogues gallery. I mean, come on. Mirror Master? Captain Cold? The Pied Piper? AWESOME. Also, if you’re not already listening to Tom Vs. The Flash and you like old comics, you really ought to do yourself a favor and check it out.

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A is for Arm-Fall-Off Boy

February 22, 2010

Oh, hey, what have we here? Could it be? Could it possibly be? The first entry in a new blog series?! Yes sir, your eyes do not deceive you! It’s the new Legion of Superheroes alphabet series, starting off on a truly unsettling note with Legion reject Arm-Fall-Off Boy! In his own words, “My power […]

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Portfolio Update

February 4, 2010

Heads up, everybody! I just updated my digital coloring portfolio with a big ol’ pile of new work I’ve done this  year. There’s work published by DC Comics in titles like The Brave and the Bold, Final Crisis: The Legion of 3 Worlds, Superman Annual and World’s Finest. I’ve also got recent coloring work done for […]

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Z is for Zorro

January 22, 2010

Well folks, we’ve reached the end of the series. Z is for Zorro! It took significantly longer than 26 weeks, but here we are. I’m a little bit more experienced, you’re a little bit more aware of the absurdity of many comic book characters- I’d say we both came out ahead. I’ll be starting the […]

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Y is for Yankee Poodle

January 21, 2010

This one harkens all the way back to the entry for the letter C. Yankee Poodle is a member of the Zoo Crew, the team of talking animal superheroes let by Captain Carrot. Look at those jazz hands! I’d love to see a Zoo Crew revival. Fun, kid-friendly comics are in short supply these day. […]

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X is for Charles Xavier

January 20, 2010

aka Professor X, leader of the X-Men! Now, I’ve got to be completely honest. I don’t much like Professor X. He always seemed kind of sinister- like he had some ulterior motive he wouldn’t share with the team. But then, I’ve never been a huge X-Men fan in general, so take my opinion with a […]

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W is for Will Magnus

January 19, 2010

Creator and leader of the Metal Men, Doc Will Magnus has survived cancellations and disastrous revisions to be one of the most fun, high-concept characters in the DC Universe. Doc and his team  of sentient robots, each named after and having the physical properties of a particular metal, are some of my favorite characters DC […]

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