The Battle of the Millennium!

As promised (and a bit tardy), Robocop vs. Gorilla!

Look at that ape's hat. It's AWESOME. Got a feather and everything!
Look at that ape’s hat. It’s AWESOME. Got a feather and everything!

Depicted in the scene above: Officer Murphy of the Detroit Police Department engaging in an arm wrestling bout with a great ape commonly known as the “gorilla”. Said gorilla is clearly wearing a totally rad hat. I think Murphy wants it, and that’s what the whole thing is about.

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  1. A good point, Phil, but you’re forgetting one thing: It’s friggin’ ROBOCOP.
    If it was Terminator vs. a gorilla you might be right, but dude. DUDE. Robocop.
    He’s like a walking deus ex machina.

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